Body Contouring

The shape of the human body is altered by the procedure of body contouring. Even after reducing weight by diet and exercise or after Bariatic surgery, excess skin and fat may remain in the body. These are eliminated or reduced by various procedures included in body contouring

Body lifting Surgical Procedures

Body shaping is normally broken into one to three surgical stages, though it can be done in one marathon session. General anesthesia is normally used in all surgeries. In some cases it may be found that a person is a smoker, has a history of deep venous thrombosis or clotting disorders along with a high BMI and other medical risk factors. In such case, the surgeon will probably insist on doing several short procedures in a hospital setting to ensure maximum safety for the patient.

The individual components of body contouring are as follows:

  • Arm lift or brachioplasty

  • Breast lift or Mastopexy

  • Stomach lift or Abdominoplasty

  • Lower body lift

A hip-to-hip incision across the back and above the buttocks is done to lift the outer thigh and buttock.

Body Contouring