Breast Augmentation and Reduction

Surgery of the breast is known as mammoplasty. .It may be augmentation, reduction, mastopexy and reconstruction. In males large breast is known as gynaecomastia which is corrected by breast reduction. Augmentation mammoplasty is done to increase the size of a small breast. This process is also known as breast enlargement. It can be undertaken by placing a silicone implant or muscle or fat behind the breast.

This is not a surgery to meet beauty ideals. It can help boost one’s self esteem and self image. So discuss your expectations with your physician to make sure you are getting a breast augmentation for the right reasons. If you are just looking for improvement, then you are probably a good candidate. The process of surgery involves the insertion of an implant under the breast which can increase the size of it.

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The breast implant consists of a silicone shell filled with either silicone or saline. This operation is done in various breast implant clinics in Kolkata. While this is a pretty simple operation, there still is an element of risk. One possible problem involves the breast becoming stiff due to the hardening of the shell. But it is not as common now. There is also the risk of an infection. Consult your physician to gain a better understanding of the risk and to decide whether this surgery is the right move for you.

The improved quality of the implants has reduced the incidence of capsular contracture today. Not a single case of contracture has been seen by the surgeon in these last 25 years. In some patients if there is a reaction to the implant, it may get rejected. Today if there is a history of foreign body reaction, the breast augmentation can be done by FATGRAFT taken from the abdomen or thighs or buttocks. This is a safer technique as there is no scope for tissue rejection. Besides it is a two in one surgery as it reduces the tummy also in the same sitting.

Reduction Mammaplasty –

Some women and even young girls suffer from gigantic size of breasts. These breasts can be reduced to normal size by surgery. The nipple can be reduced to normal size and there will be only one linear scar on the lower half of breasts. The new technique of surgery even guarantees permanency of position and no further sagging

Breast Reconstruction-

Reconstruction is usually required after mastectomy for cancer of breasts or loss of breasts due to burn injury. Reconstruction can be done by transferring abdominal skin on rectus muscle pedicle that is done by microsurgery.


This is a condition of the males when the breasts undergo enlargement under the influence of hormones. Usually occurs during puberty and/or after sixty years when there may be a deficiency of the male hormones. These patients tend to be obese and are often pot bellied. The treatment consists of liposuction of the chest and abdomen and excision of the breast gland tissue including the excess skin around the areola.

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