Today many new revolutionary advanced machines with radio frequency and ultrasound are available which help in tightening the skin and deep fascia to achieve non surgical facelift. The process is slower than surgery but still satisfying. More and more are now opting for the non surgical facelift.

Rejuvenation can be achieved by HIFU machines or Thread-lift which last longer than Fillers, Botox or Peels. Better quality fillers are available that voluminates the face also and lasts 3-5 years. P.R.P is another armamentarium called the Face-lift or Dracula Lift. I prefer fat grafting for rejuvenating the face as it not only freshen the face but also lightens the colour and improves the complexion of the screen and removes all the wrinkles at the same time. Fat grafting stimulates increased vascularisation of the face, because neo collagenization improving the skin quality removes wrinkles and lightens the skin colour at the same time.

Other injectables like fillers known as Ethelis, Modelis, etc. are hyaluronic acid. These are used to fill up the cavities and hollow areas of the face.

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