Often people will find themselves looking in the mirror and realizing that their facial features are lacking a certain quality. Perhaps they have wrinkles or simply a haggered appearance. The facelift surgery is an available option to remedy this. Generally speaking, the process tightens the skin and the underlying fascia of the face which then removes large creases and wrinkles from around the eyes, nose and mouth. Both the face and neck can be treated at the same time. A good facelift surgery with SMAS can last atleast 10 years.
The process of facial cosmetic surgery involves an incision but it’s made in a way in which the scarring is not visible. Usually the cut is made on the scalp or the natural lines on the face. In the case of men, the incision can be made along the beard line so it can easily be disguised by sideburns. After the incision is made, the skin is then freed and detached from the tissue. Excess fat is then trimmed or removed. The subdermal fascia is plicated and the skin is pulled back and the excess skin is trimmed away. The whole process is done very efficiently by the best plastic surgeon for facelift.
The surgery can last anywhere between 4-5 hours, which mainly depends on the patient’s needs. Even though the scars hidden, they usually take about a year to heal/disappear. Very few patients experience intense pain after surgery, but painkillers are often prescribed. There is severe swelling of the face which takes 3 to 4 days to subside. Patient can join his work in 10 days.

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