Goblet Neck Correction

Goblet Neck Correction sometimes accompanies a facelift but can be done alone as well. The neck lift surgeryrepairs & tighten muscles in the neck which helps give it better form. Those with wrinkled necks or other deformities may wish to get more information about Goblet Neck Correction, which is also referred to as cosmetic neck surgery by many. Consult your physician for this purpose.

During the cosmetic neck surgery, incisions will be made around the ears and under the chin. The cuts are placed on natural lines in order to minimize the scarring. An example of this would be having the incisions behind the ears which provide a natural hiding place for future scarring. For patients who have a great deal of extra skin around the neck, surgeons will probably remove a good part of it. Right after the cosmetic neck surgery, most patients are bedridden in order to ensure a healthy recovery.

Swelling and soreness accompany most if not all patients after the surgery. This usually only persists for about 2 weeks at the most. A skin strap should be worn for 2 weeks or more. However, most patients experience little pain and discomfort. One can expect to look presentable in a matter of weeks and will also be able to resume moderate activity. Consult with your doctor for a more in-depth view of do’s and don’ts while you are recovering.