Mentoplasty can be defined as the surgery of the chin along with the nose. The facial profiles can be contoured by this process.

In Chin augmentation, a weak or obtrusive chin is altered to balance the face. Theoretically, the chin and the rest of the face should achieve a sort of harmony in their relationship. The changes in the appearance of the patients can either be subtle or astonishing depending on their needs. It is necessary to consult with a doctor for finding the specifics that will better suit your needs and also about the mentoplasty cost.

Chin surgery

It takes almost an hour for this chin surgery to complete. In comparison with some other surgeries, this one takes less time to complete. Inside the mouth, a number of incisions are made in the necessary areas of the chin. To be more accurate, endoscopy is used by many surgeons during surgery. In this method, a camera is utilized for better vision of the tissues and muscles of the patient. It is one of the newer technological tools and is of great help for the plastic surgeons. Minimal scarring can be expected in patients in this case. Bony osteotomy or silastic implants or hydroxyappetite a bone supplement can be done in augmentation.

The patients are advised to keep relaxed for several months after this chin surgery and during this period the tissues of the chin heal. Like any surgical procedure, numbness and swelling are common in this case. The patients are provided with a clear set of instructions by the surgeons and they must follow these after the surgery.

The prominent points of the face like the nose and the chin relation should be in complete harmony with the face. The presence of a prominent chin and jawline in a man’s face emphasises masculinity. There is always a perfect balance in the nose-chin profile of a beautiful face. In many cases, where there is a small chin, a beautiful face can be improved with the help of mentoplasty.
For obtruding jawline and a heavily protruding chin, reduction mentoplasty can be done. Osteotomy is used to cut the protruding Chin bone and it is slid behind to give a normal rounded curve in this process