Rhinoplasty (Nose)

Rhinoplasty is the surgery to reshape or sculpt the nose. It is one of the more common plastic surgery procedures. For example, it can reduce or increase the size of your nose. It can even change the shape of the tip or the bridge and narrow the nostrils and can also correct a crooked nose. Deformities due to birth defects and from accidents can also be corrected. Rhinoplasty is done to correct the secondary deformities following cleft lip surgery.

The rhinoplasty surgery usually takes about 3-4 hours, but a more complicated procedure may take longer. The process involves elevation of the skin of the nose. it is separated from its supporting framework, and the framework is then sculpted into the desired shape. The incision is usually made from inside the nostrils, but more complicated procedures may demand that the incision is made between the nostrils. To help maintain the new shape, splints may be placed in your nostrils and a plaster cast is placed outside.

After the surgery, patients usually experience a bit of discomfort and a headache. The after effects of the surgery will be minimal if it is done by the best rhinoplasty surgeon. Most patients are back to their routine in a couple of days and return to work after a week. It usually takes weeks before you are back to normal however. For the most important part, complications and risks are minimal.

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