Spider Veins and Broken Capillaries

What Causes Spider Veins and Broken Capillaries and How Does NannoLight™ Treat These Conditions?

Broken capillaries and the appearance of small, unsightly blood vessels on the face (commonly called spider veins) are often the result of sun exposure, the natural aging process and other factors. The broken capillaries sometimes cause a general redness called “erythema”, which is a common byproduct of the skin condition known as rosacca. Intense pulse light from the NannoLight system is carefully applied to the area of concern during our safe and effective treatments. The blood in these small blood vessels absorbs the light, which results in the heating and collapsing of the vessels. The body reabsorbs the treated blood vessels and they disappear over time.

Nannolight coagulates the capillaries that dry out leaving the normal skin.

Spider Veins and Broken Capillaries

Benefits of NannoLight™:

Greater Speed:
NannoLight makes treatments fast and efficient, as it is faster than most lasers and other IPL systems

Improved Comfort:
The chilled sapphire tip of the NannoLight provides skin cooling to keep the skin cool while heating up the hair follicles to accomplish the desired result.

Safety and Efficacy:
As NannoLight has greater versatility and contact cooling, it allows greater safety, fewer side effects, and higher efficacy than other systems on the market

Broken Capillaries

Before Nanolight

Pre-Treatment Program:
You will probably be asked to fill out a medical history when you first visit the centre. A discussion will be held between you and your treatment provider about a treatment schedule and the results you can expect from your NannoLight treatments. In order to determine the most effective power level for your skin type and condition, a “spot test” will also be done

NannoLight™ Permanent Hair Reduction Protocols and Treatment Parameters:
A careful selection of the proper wavelength spectra, pulse width and energy density (“fluence”) that vary considerably based on skin tone, hair color and hair thickness must be done. It is the key to safe and effective IPL hair removal. In terms of allowing the selection of different filters and treatment parameters to provide the best results safely and comfortably, NannoLight provides greater flexibility than lasers.

Spider Veins

After Nanolight